Getting Started

Getting started with Memory Angel is an easy three step process.

Step 1 - Register on the Memory Angel website

The first step is to register as a carer on the Memory Angel website. When you register you have the option to try a one month Free Trial before deciding to subscribe to our services.

To register as a carer simply select 'Register' from the toolbar at the top of the Memory Angel website. On the registration page that opens, enter your email address, password, your name, cell phone number, a registration code (if you have been provided with one), check the box next to Accept Terms and Conditions and click on 'Sign Up'.

Your cell phone number is required by Memory Angel to automatically alert you to events from the person you are caring for. The cell phone number should be in the normal format you would use to call.

The registration code is only required if you have been provided with a code by one of our partners. In this case it is important to enter the code that you have been provided with.

You will receive an email confirmation from Memory Angel when your registration is complete.

Step 2 - Register the person that you are caring for

The second step is to register the details of the person you are caring for. In Memory Angel we use the term Person to refer to the people you care for. On a standard subscription you can register two people to care for. Additional people can be added by increasing your subscription.

When you have completed the carer registration you will be prompted to create a person. Simply click on the 'Create a Person' button. There is an option to Link a Person on the same page. Only select this option if you have been directed to Memory Angel by one of our partner health professionals and you have been provided with an ID Number and Memory Angel Passcode.

When you select Create a Person the Add a Person page is displayed.

Enter the name of the person you are caring for, the time zone that the person lives in and select whether you want Memory Angel to read reminders out loud.

The time zone is required to ensure the reminders you create play at the correct time.

The option to speak reminder details will readout the actual text of the reminder. This is very helpful as it does not require the person to read the screen to know what the reminder is for.

After you create a person you can then proceed to add events for the person.

You should now proceed to Step 3 to setup the smartphone application for the person.

Step 3 - Setup the Memory Angel smartphone application

The person you are caring for uses the Memory Angel smartphone application to receive reminders you create and provide you, the carer with information about their phone, location and so forth.

The Memory Angel application will run on any Android phone or tablet - the setup is exactly same. Access to the internet is required, this can be through a mobile network provider or using wifi. If you are using the mobile network provider then you will require a data plan with 50 Megabytes of data per month for Memory Angel to function. If you need to purchase a phone, this should cost you less that $80 and a monthly plan should be less than $20 per month.

To setup the Memory Angel application on the smartphone of the person you are caring for, you first need to download the application on their smartphone. The application is on the Google Playstore, just search for Memory Angel on the Playstore.

After installing Memory Angel, the application will be prompt you to enter your email and password. This is the same email and password you used when you registered on the Memory Angel website. You will then be prompted to confirm the name of the person you are caring for, this should be listed on the screen. Just tap their name and the phone is now setup and ready to go.

If you have already created reminders for the person they will be displayed on the following screen. To close the screen simply select Close at the bottom. Memory Angel will continue to run on the smartphone.

At any time you can select the Memory Angel icon to display the list of upcoming reminders.

If you need further help, then please consult Help on the website, check out the FAQ link as well. If you are still doubtful, please contact us at