What is Memory Angel?

Memory Angel is a service to give you peace of mind that someone you care for, or just need to keep an eye on, is managing OK.

Memory Angel has a dedicated website so a carer can see what's going on, and a smartphone application that acts as a reminder service. To acknowledge a reminder the person just needs to touch the front of the phone. Reminders are displayed in big bold type, and can also be read out loud.

If a reminder isn't acknowledged Memory Angel can send a text or an email, or just record it on the carer's secure website dashboard... the carer decides what they want to happen.

The dashboard displays:

  • Upcoming events
  • A record of past events and whether they've been acknowledged or not
  • The last time the phone moved and a map showing you where they are
  • The dashboard even shows the battery and volume levels on the phone

How does Memory Angel work?

As a carer you register on the Memory Angel website. On the website you can create and manage reminders for important events for the person for whom you care. The person will have a smartphone which runs the Memory Angel application.

At the time you have designated, the person is provided with a reminder. Reminders can be setup and personalised depending on their importance and how you both choose to use the service.

If a reminder is not acknowledged, you as the carer can be alerted via a txt or email if you chose. And, along with the information about the reminders, a dashboard on the website provides you with up to date information regarding the status of the phone, the location of the phone etc. This information is updated every few minutes.

Who uses Memory Angel?

Memory Angel has been designed to be used by people living independently receiving care from either a relative or a professional caregiver.

What do we need to use Memory Angel?

To use Memory Angel you as the carer just need to access the website. The website can be accessed on your PC, iPad, or Smartphone.

The recipient of care requires any Android powered smartphone or tablet with access to the internet through either a mobile data plan or Wifi. The cheapest Android smartphone will work, these are now less than $80. If they do not have access to Wifi (many retirement villages now offer this) then a very basic data plan from a mobile phone provider with at least 50Mb of data per month.

How difficult is Memory Angel to use for elderly people?

Memory Angel provides reminders on the smartphone. A reminder appears as a full screen display on the phone, with an accompanying sound. To acknowledge the reminder, the person only needs to touch anywhere on the screen. There are no fiddly buttons to have to find. It's easier than turning on a light.

Of course, as Memory Angel runs on a smartphone, they may choose to use the other features of the phone as well.

How much does Memory Angel cost?

Memory Angel costs less than $1 per day, with the exact price depending on whether you choose a monthly or annual subscription.

How many people can I care for using Memory Angel?

You can care for as many people as you wish using Memory Angel. A standard subscription allows you to set up 2 people, however for additional cost, you can add further people to your carer group.

If you are a professional care organisation then please contact Memory Angel for specific pricing.

Is the information I store on Memory Angel secure?

Yes. All the information is stored on secure servers in a data centre in New Zealand.

We do not provide access to any information to other parties without your full consent, and then only to your own healthcare providers.

How do I contact Memory Angel if I need help?

You can contact Memory Angel via email at support@memoryangel.com. You can also find us on Facebook @ MyMemoryAngel.